Need a cure for the Karazhan blues? Try 10 Paladins

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|03.06.08

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Need a cure for the Karazhan blues? Try 10 Paladins

Don't get me wrong here, Karazhan's generally a pretty fun dungeon, aside from the odd incredibly annoying trash mob, but when you've run it time and time again, it's always nice to find a twist or a new way of doing stuff to spice things up again. The Senatus Redux guild of the Kul Tiras EU run have done just that, clearing most of Karazhan with a group 10 paladins, most of them in no better than T4 gear or lower, on a run done on March 1st. They managed to get down all the bosses but Prince Malchezaar and Nightbane - and they have pretty good reason to believe that they could have had the Prince, having him to 15% on their last attempt of the night.

It certainly sounds like a lot of fun. I know I'd be cackling maniacally as I watched 10 consecrates and 10 holy wraths mow Illhoof's Imps down. I also have to give them a lot of credit for sticking it out through Opera. They got Romulo and Julianne, and despite having no way to dispel the Daring or Devotion buffs and no reliable interrupt for Julianne's heal, they got them down. Aran went down in 1 try despite no interrupts, which is another thing I have to give them a lot of credit for. Netherspite sounds like it was an intense fight - they had some trouble with the green beam, and it ended up healing him for over 25%, causing the battle to drag on long enough for him to enrage. They finished him off by bubbling up and burning down. Maiden was no trouble, unsurprisingly. 10 cleanses means her Holy Fire isn't a problem for long!

They did go back last night to finish the job. However, they took could only rustle up 8 Paladins, and filled the gaps with a Druid and a Shaman. I'd say I'd be willing to give them a pass since they kept it in the hybrid family. You can check the March 1st and March 4th entries on their guild site for the full write-up on all the action.

High fives to Danielbarron, Thomasvalheru, Tylbert, Pandolium, Dekka, Stormsnow, Hideki, Vangelis, Maelwedd, Seamless, and Fred, who replaced Seamless after the Curator went down. Good on all of you for kicking some behind and having fun doing it. Sure, it's been done before, and I've been told some druids have done it as well, but you did it with level appropriate gear, and you did it with style.
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