Chat highlights from the TTR stress test

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|03.11.08

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Chat highlights from the TTR stress test

As horrible as Barrens chat and the trade channel can be by times, one of my favorite parts of Sunday's tournament test realm stress test was reading through the chats. Although I'm sure the guys had some pretty great tells, considering their names were more obvious than mine (Insideradam, Insideralex, and Vehn), I did catch some gems of my own.

One thing that was rampant on Sunday was names that were clearly against the terms of service, and of course nasty language. So if any of the photos have blurred-out names, you'll know why! Before you jump through, keep in mind there are a few photos, so the load might be slow. Don't forget to check out my full coverage of the stress test!
As you have already heard, the GMs were out in full force, putting on a show and interacting with the crowd. They were being worshiped, like huge celebrities, and I bet they were glad that they could fly, hover, teleport, and throw the crowd around on a whim.

At points, a GM would be buried so well that I would begin to suspect that he or she had quietly popped out of the pile, and was watching us and laughing from somewhere sneaky.

In fact, I'm sure they probably spent most of the day laughing. I certainly did, and I didn't have any cool powers. Although at one point, I turned into a frog and didn't even notice. It was right as the first boss of my day was being summoned, Lord Kazzak, and the crowd definitely did not keep its cool.

To be honest, I'm not even sure if I noticed the chat in this shot until afterwards. Primarily, I was trying desperately to get some good shots of the boss man (see gallery). My personal fave is the pally yelling "HELP".

The chat was scrolling on Sunday almost faster than you could keep up. Heck, even Mojo had something to say!

You go Mojo! He was getting more kisses than could actually go through the lag.

I think you're starting to see what I mean when I say that begging was rampant. Of all of the GMs, Hordus had the most fun with that particular aspect, as he certainly had no qualms taunting us with the prospect of mounts and other goodies.

While Clearwater eventually tried to give everyone a mount, Hordus decidedly was enjoying making us grovel; and grovel, the crowd did.

Not that the begging was all bad. Actually, some of the begging got pretty creative.

Now, I'm not sure if begging actually meant that you were more or less likely to receive anything. It looked to me as if the GMs were just passing things around to whomever they could target; although I'd be curious if the creative cookies actually garnered attention.

Does Hortus even have a kitten? (Hordus is the Horde equivalent of Hortus). Inquiring minds want to know. Of course, people who weren't threatening were begging or, better yet, bargaining. I know for a fact none of the GMs paid attention to "I'll pay you 4000 gold" because really, gold is free over there and well, they're GMs.

A pay raise hmmm? Well, I suppose this person could spell, so you never know what sorts of connections he/she might have outside of the game; but somehow, I doubt that Blizzard hands out raises on our recommendations.

Well, I suppose I should stop spoiling the gallery for you; but simply can't help but post these last two.

Ladies and gentlemen, the TTR officially redefined "lol". Yes, I know this happens a lot, but hear me out.

This happened fairly early in the day, and trust me, it was warranted. Half the time you'd see 30 green raptors all running on the spot, and once, I rode into Razor Hill and nothing appeared for a good two minutes. It was desolate; except really, there were easily five hundred characters there, plus vendors.

Although I didn't get much lovin', I did learn a lot. For one, I learned that I need to be a little more obvious with my names. Secondly, I learned that I rock. Srsly.

If you want to know more, try checking out my coverage of the event. If you were there, comment with the funny things you saw in chat on Sunday!
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