Nokia's N810 internet tablet gets a $90 price cut

Updated ·1 min read

If you've been looking for some kind of incentive to dip into the savings account and splurge on a new gadget, this may be music to your ears. Nokia has just lowered the price on its jack-of-all-trades N810 internet tablet, shaving $90 off the MSRP to bring it down to a highly affordable $389.99. Of course, you can probably find the WiFi-sportin', QWERTY-havin', GPS-rockin' little guy slightly cheaper if you troll the internet (which we know you will). Before you lay down the cash, though, you might want to ask yourself this: does the price drop mean a new version is on the way, like, say... that WiMAX-equipped N830 we've been hearing about? It's a tough call, but we know you'll make the right decision.

[Thanks, Tony S.]