iPhoneNotes allows downloading and uploading notes to a jailbroken iPhone

Mat Lu
M. Lu|03.26.08

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Mat Lu
March 26th, 2008
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iPhoneNotes allows downloading and uploading notes to a jailbroken iPhone

The lack of notes syncing on the iPhone and iPod touch just continues to baffle me. Just like To Do syncing it seems like a no brainer, especially in the case of notes since it's such a pain to type anything very long on the iPhone keyboard. The iPhone hacking community has been working on the problems and a clever Mac application called iPhoneNotes bring basic notes transfer between a Mac and a jailbroken iPhone.

The application actually works over wifi and requires that your iPhone be jailbroken. Unfortunately, the developer's site is somewhat lacking in instructions. You need to have OpenSSH installed (and working) on the iPhone and then when you run iPhoneNotes on your Mac it searches for the iPhone with Bonjour. Once it finds the iPhone and you put in your credentials, you should be able to download and upload notes. It does not provide true syncing; rather you download your Notes database from your iPhone, make changes on the Mac, then upload it back. Nonetheless, it works and provides a way to upload notes from your Mac to your iPhone.

Because it requires OpenSSH this doesn't seem like a long term solution. Nonetheless, if you need to get notes from your Mac to your iPhone, this is one of the best options at this time. iPhoneNotes is a free download from V1ru8.

[via iPhone Alley]
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