Pirates residing in the Caribbean get new stuff

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Pirates residing in the Caribbean get new stuff

Come April new weapons will be available in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Expect to see new types of voodoo dolls, daggers, staffs and pistols which will create more damage, load faster, and have some all new special effects.

In addition, recruiting for your piratey guild will get easier with the introduction of multiple (1-100 people) and unlimited use invite codes (instead of having to generate a unique code for each new person).

If you're curious about the "Why Pirates are More Lovable Than Ninjas" contest, be sure to check out the latest newsletter for the whole list, but here are a few of the winning reasons:
  • Ninjas are supposed to be silent, not endlessly witty and charming, savvy?
  • What's more lovable than the stench of a Pirate who hasn't bathed in a month?!?
  • Pirates may not be the best friends you have, but at least they're honest about being dishonest.

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