Stephen J. Cannell classic TV is new in iTunes

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For more than 25 years, one name has stood for quality television entertainment; one name has represented the finest in Hollywood production values and narrative standards. One name... and that name is Norman Lear. Since he's not available, it's my duty to report that the guilty pleasure of classic TV -- Stephen J. Cannell -- has now placed a big chunk of his delightfully down-n-dirty oevure on the iTunes store for your downloading and viewing enjoyment.

Cannell's shows, which we all are ashamed to admit we loved, included such classics as Wiseguy, Hunter (did you know that DeeDee McCall's nickname was "The Brass Cupcake?"), The Greatest American Hero (my personal weakness -- Connie Selleca, you haunted my dreams), Silk Stalkings and the teen cop drama-slash-launching pad for the future Sweeney Todd & Captain Jack 21 Jump Street. Those five are showing up in the store now, and a couple are yet to arrive (The Commish and Renegade). I'm not sure if I can handle the cognitive challenge of watching the young Johnny Depp bust dealers on my iPod touch, but I'm going to try it and see how it goes.
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