Interest in PSP is returning, says Infected dev

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Andrew Yoon
May 9th, 2008
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Interest in PSP is returning, says Infected dev
Planet Moon has been a strong supporter of PSP, dedicating itself to the creation of exclusives on Sony's handheld. Their titles, Infected and After Burner, tried new things on the handheld, but neither title found the success that they were looking for. "We're very proud of them. We wish they'd found a bigger audience, but I think most people who've made PSP games wish that in retrospect," Planet Moon's Aaron Loeb told Gamasutra.

Sluggish software sales for (relatively) expensive games forced Planet Moon to abandon PSP development, just like many other developers. While they're currently working on Wii games, they do note that PSP may experience a resurrection of sorts. "Interest in the PSP is definitely coming back among the publishers, though. That little puppy just keeps on selling!"

We're certain that many publishers were caught off-guard by the sales resurgence of PSP, after the introduction of the redesigned PSP-2000 and big-name releases, such as God of War and Crisis Core. However, games do take quite a time to create -- it may be a while before we're able to reap the fruits of any new PSP development.
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