Collection of strange and obscure Famicom peripherals, controllers

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It's astounding that, despite all the eBay auctions we've followed and Nintendo oddities we've researched, there are still so many Famicom accessories out there that we've never seen, much less heard of. Thankfully, an obsessive Japanese collector has put up a page documenting these rare controllers and peripherals, like Hori RF adapters and Disk System cleaning sprays. Check out the Hyper Shot Zapper-clone pictured above -- can you believe that Bandai made a submachine gun for the Famicom? Jump past the post break for more Famicom odds and ends.

Nintendo's answer to the Sega Master System's 3-D Glasses.

Isn't this Sanwa stick beautiful? Chasing the Neo Geo Stick 2 has become second priority, now that we know about this fantastic piece. Apparently, there's a whole world of Famicom joysticks and third-party controllers that we never knew about.

They had inflatable motorcycle controllers back then? Where's our inflatable kart controller?

[Via Kotaku]
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