New official NCSoft Europe podcast online

Adrian Bott
A. Bott|05.24.08

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Stephen 'Rockjaw' Reid, Creative Concepts manager at NCSoft Europe, has put episode 2.5 of the NCSE podcast up for our perusal. This new episode follows up on the wildly successful MiniCon, focusing on the aftermath of the mammoth City of Heroes playing event, Task Force Omega. Who were the contestants, how did they survive, and who ultimately emerged triumphant?

NCSoft Europe have been highly active in the events field lately, with their appearance at the Comics Expo in Bristol, UK bringing in major bucks for charity. The next major event in the NCSoft Europe calendar will be the UK Games Expo on May 31st and June 1st. Once again, you'll be able to get a favorite character sketched courtesy of the artists from the Draw the World Together project. For the first time, they'll also be selling copies of the DTWT sketchbook, filled with images of the CoX heroes and villains!

Listen to the podcast online, or if you prefer, download it and save it for later.
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