Telstra shows off network capacity with live hologram beaming

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.27.08

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Telstra shows off network capacity with live hologram beaming
If we were betting souls, we'd say seeing a hologram of Bill Gates is still far more frightening than one of Telstra's CTO, but nevertheless, said exec was recently beamed from Melbourne to Adelaide via hologram in order to "speak at a major function for senior business executives." According to David Thodey, the live demonstration symbolized "what has become possible using the high data speed and capacity of [its] network" -- something the outfit is calling Next Dimension Working. The actual hologram was transmitted over the company's network using the Musion Eyeliner System, a "high-definition holographic video projection system that allows three-dimensional moving images to appear within a live stage setting." Telecommuting just took on a whole new meaning.

[Via News, thanks Brad]

Update: Video added after the jump!

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