Barrens Chat: You're pulling my fin

Megan Harris
M. Harris|05.29.08

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Barrens Chat: You're pulling my fin

I have these questions about some of the random things I find in World of Warcraft. One the one hand, I'm intensely curious as to the answer to these questions. On the other hand, I'm really not sure I want to know.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing the game sometimes is imagining what it is that is really going on behind the scenes. With an imagination like mine, this can sometimes lead to really interesting ideas as to just how things work.


This joke was the result of a conversation with Savreth, same person as the last comic, but on a different server this time. I can't remember what his suggestion as to why this works the way it works was, but this was my suggestion, and it stuck to me like fishing bait on a hook.

I know the Orc in the background isn't very well drawn; I seem to be having problems with my tablet not working the way it's supposed to. Good news is, I think I fixed it! (This involved pounding it against my desk like a Druid pounds Onyxia: Slow and deliberate, but gets the job done in the end.)

Note: The fishing Tauren doesn't drink, hence why she has confused ale with rum.

See you next week!
Barrens Chat is a weekly installment, subjecting people to the imagination of Megan Harris in her attempts at world domination. When she's not laughing at the misfortune of children, or being subjected to the machinations of Engineers, she's preparing to jump on the "Woohoo Death Knights" bandwagon. Come back next week to see just what I'm talking about!
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