Paralyzed man walks in Second Life

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|06.03.08

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Paralyzed man walks in Second Life
Move over gamepads, joysticks, dancepads, keyboards, mice and plastic guitars with whammy bars; the future of game control is here. According to a recent experiment, Japanese researchers have successfully manipulated a virtual internet character in Second Life through the use of one patient's imagination only.

The 41-year old paralyzed patient was able to walk through the game and talk with other players in the first-ever recorded instance of something like this in a virtual world. By wearing headgear containing three electrodes, his brain waves were able to be monitored enough to allow the thought of himself walking to actually happen in the virtual world. If we carry this a few steps further, how long will it be before our complete thoughts will be able to translate onto a screen? Sure it's fun in an online virtual world, but imagine the possibilities beyond that. Thought police, anyone?
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