Hivelogic Enkoder is back and better than ever

The talented Dan Benjamin brings us Enkoder 4.0, a nifty utility that allows you to create JavaScript links to your email address that scavenging robots have a hard time reading, thus (hopefully) reducing your amount of spam.

Of course, as Benjamin notes, there is no perfect way to prevent spam altogether. Even so, using tools like this, especially on behalf of your clients, can make you look like a hero.

The code ("kode"?) it generates appears to be more robust than prior versions as well, with every character in the email address very well obfuscated. With the old version, I could pick out three or four characters in a pattern that looked vaguely like the email address, but this one generates code that's practically unreadable. In a good way.

One nit-picky problem with this 4.0 release is the tab order of the fields, which I'm sure can be corrected in a snap. Enkoder fields even save your prior entries so you can quickly re-use them later.

The technology behind Enkoder is also available as a web form, if you prefer.

Enkoder is donationware, and works with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Update, June 13: Enkoder 4.0.1 is now available, fixing the Tiger crash-on-launch problem, and the field tab order.