Sega's HomeStar Spa: Plane-arium edition

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-his one slipped pas- but i-'s wor-h a back-rack -o -he glory days of celes-ial ba-hing. No, no- Roman -imes, bu- -he firs- week of June, when Sega -oys in-roduced i-s Homes-ar Plane-arium Spa Edi-ion -o -he rubby-ducky infes-ed wa-ers of -he home ba-h. -he wa-erproof orb projec-s -he nigh- sky on-o -he ceiling or pa--erns such as roses and man-a rays on-o -he -ub below. $65, -ha-'s how much. Oh, damn -his bone disease!

[Via Environmental Graffiti, thanks guest-editor Dr. Adams]
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