Be a sheep or a wolf in Secondhand Lands

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|06.29.08

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Be a sheep or a wolf in Secondhand Lands
Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding Hood have had a score to settle for decades, and now you get the chance to help them do it in Callipygian Games's Secondhand Lands. Choose to play as either a sheep for Bo Peep or a wolf for Little Red in this casual MMO designed for "the disillusioned 'Mega-MMO' veteran who wants more interaction with the developers in their gaming experience."

This game is in closed beta and is being distributed by Pixel Mine, with a release date of Fall of this year. Check out the site; there's a little webtoy that lets you trick out your wolf or sheep with stylin' gear. That should be enough to tide anyone over until the actual game hits.
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