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Skooba makes with the pictures of TSA-friendly bags (update: not really)

Skooba makes with the pictures of TSA-friendly bags (update: not really)
Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel|July 8, 2008 9:01 AM

The TSA got a lot of frequent travelers fairly excited a couple months ago when it announced that it was soliciting bag manufacturers for "checkpoint-friendly" designs that would allow laptop owners to leave their machines safely tucked away as they passed through security, but we didn't know what any of these bags would look like until now. As you'd expect, Skooba's first design, the Checkthrough, is pretty minimalist, in keeping with the requirements that approved bags not have any straps or zippers and not feature any space for items that could interfere with the X-ray image. That also means it's pretty useless if you only want to schlep one bag around, so it looks like we're stuck with the Bucket Dance for now -- hey TSA, would pockets on the sides be such a threat to our nation's security? Just a thought.

PS.- We're hoping against hope that nasty "Checkthrough" logo isn't actually printed on the bag, but given some of the TSA experiences we've had, we'd half expect it to be there as a cue for screeners let the bag pass through.

Skooba's CEO let us know that this still isn't the checkthrough bag, just another illustration (sigh) and that the "the actual bag will be a full-featured, top-of the-line ballistic nylon business case, packed with cool and unique bells and whistles." Alright, so let's see it then.
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