Sony's E3 2008 press conference: let's play bingo!

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.09.08

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Ross Miller
July 9, 2008 11:05 AM
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Sony's E3 2008 press conference: let's play bingo!
Sony's E3 2008 press conference: let's play bingo!

God of War III

No more UMDs

Qore's future


Kojima's new IP

Video service

Home update

Heavy Rain

US greatest hits

PS2 on PSN

12 Ubi games

US Siren date

New Controller

PSP Trophies

No PSEye love

T6 not silent

Nationwide cards



PSP hardware

40GB with DS3

HS2 possible

PSP direct

Resistance 2
over Killzone 2

More PSP colors

In anticipation of next week's E3 Media and Business Summit, we've prepared bingo cards for each of the big press conferences, filled with some likely (and some not-so-likely) predictions for what each of the big three console makers intends to announce at arguably the biggest trade shows of the year.

First up to bat is Sony (special thanks to PS3 and PSP Fanboy), whose Tuesday conference we hope sheds some new light on Home, the next Heavenly Sword and perhaps some new PSP functionality. Click on each of the slides above for more information about our predictions. Sony's E3 press conference is scheduled for next Tuesday at 10:00 am PT (that's 1:00 pm Joystiq Time / ET). As always, we'll be liveblogging the event, so you can play along in real-time with us.

Stay tuned for more press conference bingo cards in the days leading up to the conference.

Download a copy (PNG file) and play along!

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