New Second Life release candidate viewer: 1.20(RC14)

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|07.17.08

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New Second Life release candidate viewer: 1.20(RC14)

Linden Lab has released the fifteenth 1.20 Second Life release candidate viewer. Release candidates start counting from zero, so the first one in the series is RC0.

This release looks like the final release in this cycle, unless something quite nasty appears. Mono is expected in viewer 1.21, and SLS1.24 (SLS1.23 is deploying this week) -- thus, there is nothing particularly earth-shattering in this release.

Fixes in 1.20 RC14:


  • Moved the Preferences > Skins tab to the bottom of the list of preferences tabs.


  • Fixed: VWR-7344: "Shutter sound" should not play every time Snapshot Preview window opens or when a setting is modified
  • Fixed: VWR-7353: Auto-snapshot should not be tied to Freeze Frame (full screen preview) when taking a picture in Snapshots
  • Fixed: VWR-7389: String is missing when opening an IM window to a muted resident (string that the resident is currently muted)
  • Fixed: VWR-7510: Muted resident is unmuted if he/she initiates a Group chat
  • Fixed: The upgrade from RC12 to the new RC leaves the old /skins/html and /skins/xui files on the hard drive
  • Fixed: Grid selection on the login screen is not set, unless you hit return
  • Fixed: A new debug setting "TutorialURL" to change the URL used by the Tutorial window
  • Fixed: The list on Preferences>Popups is right justified on the Mac PowerPC
  • Fixed: Enlarge the browser tutorial window slightly
  • Fixed: Some dropdown selection boxes are clipped
  • Fixed: All HTML floaters have Dazzle scrollbar art

Localization Fixes:

  • Fixed: some text overlaps in Buy Land floater in Portuguese
  • Fixed: add final translations for Preferences>Skins options in German, Japanese, Korean
  • Fixed: Update the viewer credits in About>Second Life...

IMPORTANT: Known Issues with RC14:

  • It is a Known Issue that this Release Candidate will not run successfully on a Mac PowerPC that has the operating system OS X 10.3.9. It will only run on PPC hardware if you have Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher.

Release candidate viewers access your live account on the main Second Life grid (Agni). Potentially they may cause hair-loss in pets, and should be always be kept out of reach of children. The downloads are served by Amazon's S3 service and we use and recommend the use of a download manager to keep your download times to a minimum.

Notably, while they're called release candidates, they're actually beta (and occasionally alpha) releases. The reasoning behind calling them release candidates has never been made clear.

You can download this viewer from the usual place for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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