McIntosh powers up its MPC1500 conditioner

Steven Kim
S. Kim|07.18.08

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McIntosh powers up its MPC1500 conditioner
McIntosh MPC1500 power conditioner
You know you're a completest when your power conditioner has to match the rest of your gear. If your tastes run along the lines of analog meters, blue backlighting and chrome-edged knobs, then McIntosh is waiting to lighten your wallet. The company has released its MPC1500 power conditioner that promises AC isolation, reduced noise and maximum power transfer (whatever that means) across its 12 outlets. For convenience, the operation of the outlets is configurable between always on, grouped, or individually switched. Nice, but this unit is no UPS (we're guessing there's a transformer and surge suppressor behind the Old English faceplate), which we'd expect for our $4,500. If you're thinking of dropping that kind of cash on power, we'd recommend a dedicated mains line and a UPS -- not as pretty, but your power will be clean.
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