Lionhead explains how to get Pub Games gold into Fable 2

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Lionhead explains how to get Pub Games gold into Fable 2
If you've been curious precisely how you were going to import all that virtual gold you win in the Fable 2 Pub Games over the next ten weeks into Fable 2 proper, Lionhead is here to sate your curiosity and even assuage your skepticism. Eurogamer has the breakdown, but it goes something like this:
  1. Buy Fable 2 Pub Games (either outright, or through a pre-order)
  2. Play the three games contained therein to earn gold
  3. Merge your Pub Games gambler with your Fable 2 hero in a permanent, one-way process
  4. Then "gain access to all the Live Arcade gambling funds you previously accrued"
  5. The process works the other way around also: you can take your Fable 2 money back into Pub Games
There are some additional details for those of you really interested in the nitty-gritty (ie: merging several gamblers together) but if you're like us, you'll be content knowing that your predilection for virtual gambling has a safe spot somewhere between "no money" and "real money."
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