Fable 2 Pub Games pre-order codes busted [update]

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Fable 2 Pub Games pre-order codes busted [update]
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When you make a promise to something, you expect its end of the bargain to be equally fulfilled. Such is not the case, apparently, for numerous pre-orderers of Fable II, whose early commitments came bundled with download codes for Pub Games released on Xbox Live Arcade today. According to a thread on the Xbox Forums and comments dropped on Major Nelson's site, many pre-order codes are returning an "Invalid Code" error when entered on Xbox Live. Microsoft seems to be aware of the problem, and at least one report suggests that a new batch of codes will be issued within 24-48 hours. What gives, Microsoft? Lionhead's tab no good any more?

The codes should be working "later today," says Major Nelson. All codes should be working now.

[Via X3F]
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