Supercomputer Huygens beats Go professional: no one is safe

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Paul Miller
August 15th, 2008
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Supercomputer Huygens beats Go professional: no one is safe

You know how Go nerds are always going on about how magical they are since supercomputer AI hasn't yet cracked the ancient board game, and rarely beats even an average Go player? No? Maybe those are just our nerdy friends. Well, those folks can wipe the smug grins off their faces as they're faced with the sobering reality of defeat: Dutch supercomputer "Huygens" has defeated a human Go professional in an official match at the 24th Annual Congress of the game Go in Portland, Oregon. The newly-minted supercomputer was aided by the recently-developed Monte-Carlo Tree Search algorithm, a whopping 60 teraflops of processing power and a considerable 9 stone handicap. Poor Kim MyungWan -- who managed to beat the computer in three "blitz" games leading up to the actual match, and probably won't be hanging up his Go hat just yet -- didn't stand a chance.

[Via Tech Digest]
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