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Cash in on old McIntosh gear with the Trade-UP program

Cash in on old McIntosh gear with the Trade-UP program
Steven Kim
Steven Kim|August 24, 2008 2:17 AM
McIntosh MAC-1500 receiver
Okay, it's not like we expect the typical McIntosh customer to exactly be clipping coupons, but the company is offering up some incentive to get owners to upgrade their gear. The new Trade-UP program credits owners 75-percent of the original MSRP as a trade-in on any working McIntosh amp, preamp, integrated amp or receiver, good towards the purchase of some of the company's newfangled gear. This is a limited time offer, so get to it. And if you're worried that any new McIntosh gear will look out of place, don't -- the same chrome, blue backlighting, analog meters and Olde English logos are still in use today. So yeah, this moves McIntosh ahead of our college textbooks, cars, most of our stocks and even our homes in terms of maintained value. Don't let anyone tell you you're wasting money on gear again.

[Image courtesy The High Fidelity Museum]
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