WoW Moviewatch: Wish upon a Gnome, Episode 1

Creating a great machinima involves a delicate balancing act. You must use equal parts voice acting or visual expression of emotion, plot devices such as humor or fight scenes, engaging story lines, and proper editing and sound design, wrapped together in a neat little package. Too much of one single element can destroy an entire production. Today's featured movie makes a valiant effort at being complete.

Wish upon a Gnome, Episode 1, is the first of three episodes centering around a wee gnome that stumbles upon a Genie that grants him three wishes. His first wish finds him craving the power he feels is long overdue. However, as he soon discovers, not everything goes as planned. Given how disastrous his newfound fame and glory turns out, I can't wait to see what he asks for in the next two episodes!

Mushanga may just be the dark horse of the WeGame machinima contest. With only two unremarkable contest submissions prior to this entry, this is the first time he's involved voice actors, including Caruu and Jesse Cox, in his work. I found myself drawn into the story and rooting for the little guy, despite his flaws. If you get the chance, check out the higher quality versions of WuaG and give him some constructive feedback!

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