XOHM WiMAX tested in Baltimore, does work in cars

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|10.01.08

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XOHM WiMAX tested in Baltimore, does work in cars
XOHM is live in Baltimore, and Laptop Magazine has sent a few (slightly dazed-looking) staffers on an impromptu tour of the "Charm City" to get a feel for Sprint's new WiMAX service. Overall, they found performance to be quite good, clocking in at 3.05 Mbps down and 2.4 Mbps up. That compares very favorably to Verizon's EV-DO network, which delivered 1.43 Mbps down and 0.54 Mbps up in the same locations. Sprint's network also beats Clearwire's WiMAX down in Reno both in speed and in connectivity; testers in the Biggest Little City in the World couldn't get a signal while in a car, but those in Baltimore could, albeit at half the speed as when stationary. So, it certainly sounds like a good solution for those who need a high-speed connection on the go -- so long as they're only going to places within Baltimore, of course.

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