AAPL touches 52-week low, closes under $100

Robert Palmer
R. Palmer|10.03.08

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Robert Palmer
October 3rd, 2008
AAPL touches 52-week low, closes under $100

Apple shares today reached their lowest price point since April 2007, closing at 97.07, down 3.03 points.

AAPL hit its 52-week low today, $94.65 per share, around 3:45 PM Eastern.

Early in the day, the stock was jarred with false rumors from CNN's iReport service about Steve Jobs suffering a heart attack. TUAW's own Michael Rose was among the first to contact Apple's PR VP, Katie Cotton, who said the rumors were untrue.

After the scare, prices rebounded, but never reached their highs for the day just before the rumor bubbled to the surface. Volume was at its heaviest before 10 a.m. Eastern, with about 16 million shares changing hands. In sum total, 82 million shares were traded over the course of the day.

Apple shares were slightly ahead in early after-hours trading.

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