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Guildwatch: Still dropping bosses

Guildwatch: Still dropping bosses
Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|October 8, 2008 2:00 AM

That's Cooldown of Darkspear, above, basking in the glory of a boss kill. While it seemed like raiding came to a standstill before BC, that's not really the case before Wrath -- while it's certainly slower, there's lots of people out there still killing bad guys.

And Guildwatch reports on as many of them as we hear about -- if you'd like to see your guild here (or have a good time on some wacky forum drama, either on the offficial forums or somewhere else), drop us a line at wowguildwatch@gmail.com. And click the link below to see this week's drama, downed, and recruiting news from all the guilds around the realms.

  • A Brewfest mount ninja by Forsaken on Antonidas brings out the haters, big time. On the other hand, they don't kick the guy, though, either -- if you haven't a ninja in your guild, isn't it your responsibility to kick him? And if you don't kick him, doesn't that say something about your guild?
  • Abyss on Undermine has a great plan to save the server -- they want to join all the guilds together into one big guild with groups for every type of player, and by banding together they'll be able to... well, you can read the whole manifesto over on the forums. There's just one problem: everybody is pretty happy in their own guilds, thanks. How can you save the realm when the realm doesn't actually want to be saved?
  • Synergy on Shattered Halls celebrated their first birthday recently -- they're the longest-running casual guild on Hordeside, and they're planning to celebrate by racing level 1 alts around the world. They didn't specifically say Gnomes, but watch what you step on over on SH there.
  • We mentioned Southern Stars of Aman'thul a while back, and someone contacted us this week with an update: the GL there, Stargun, has apparently logged on recently, /gkicked half the guild, claiming that other members were trying to steal the guild bank. We hear the guild is down to about 10 regular members, and Stargun himself has pretty much disappeared, leaving the guild to shrivel up and expire on its own.
  • The Departed on Kul'Tiras figured that buying a raid ID from Malicious was cool -- but it wasn't so much, since apparently the person selling it didn't have the right to do so. The Departed claims it's no big deal (and not their fault -- it's not their job to check ranks on everyone they buy from), but everyone else in the thread says that it's the buyers' fault, too. I kind of agree that it's a pretty big deal -- if it was no big deal to use someone else's raid ID, why didn't The Departed just make their own? But at the very least, a /gkick should be in order somewhere.
  • Three new guildies got "recruited" into Exitium on Runetotem this week. Congrats! Just a few more, and you guys will have a whole Karazhan run of your own.
  • Guild drama from The Dark End Tavern on Echo Isles -- two guys in the guild were joking around about stealing cars and other idiotic out-of-game shenanigans, and when one of their guildies tried to get them kicked out of the guild (apparently because he didn't want those kinds of people in the guild), trouble came to town with a capital T. Trust us, buddy, you're better off without them. If the guildleader really is "a close personal friend" of the guy who steals cars, what makes you think anyone else in the guild is better than the two hoodlums?
  • Awww, look at that. Adults Only on EU Nordrassil made a little thank you card for one of their officers. How touching. Did no one ninja a guild bank or anything this week?
  • Our tipster wanted to call out these guys for making fun of new players to the game, but I gotta say -- if you're not interested in putting in the time and effort to even apply to a guild, why should they think you're going to be putting in the time and effort to help them out? If you really want in a guild, you should at least answer all of their questions in something resembling English.
  • This one's complicated, we'll see if we can get it all straight without going TLDR. War Nerve on Area 52 is led by a guy named Centermass who doesn't kid around -- he's an ex-Marine who (we hear) reminds you of it quite a bit, and isn't afraid to track down an IP if he thinks you're being shady. But when a couple of folks in the guild named Lanolaven and Amalyth (former PvP hotshots who apparently decided to PvE) show up wearing Sunmote rings just after Sunmotes happen to go missing from the bank, Centermass apparently turns a blind eye. When accused, Lanolaven and Amalyth claim they bought the motes from a Horde-side guild, but everybody really knows where they got the ring from... except Centermass, who claims that he's exonerated the two. What's the truth? It comes out when they skip town to Dalaran -- Centermass knew they were lying, he just wanted to keep them around and continue progression. And what's the punchline? We hear they're back in War Nerve -- even though they've looted the guild bank and apparently been kicked out of Dalaran, too, they're back in the guild. Our tipster says shame on the guildies there who are willing to accept thieves into their midst just for progression's sake.
  • Sorry, that was still TLDR. But thanks for reading -- have fun this weekend if your guild is heading to BlizzCon!
  • Knights of Ni on Alleria cleared both Gruul's and Maggs in just 1 hour and 22 minutes. And they even ruffled up the Horde by towing a Fel Reaver into Thrallmar just to see who died. Sounds like fun.
  • Halcyon Knights (Alliance on EU Kilrogg), just killed Nightbane and thus finished off their goal of completing Karazhan before patch 3.0.2! Grats!
  • Epilogue on Malfurion-H downed Gurtogg Bloodboil and Reliquary of Souls for the first time last week. They say they've got the mats they need for Mother S, so she's on notice for next time.
  • The Cheese N Crackers guild on EU Hellscream downed Lurker and Rage Winterchill. They're hoping for dropping at least one boss per raid before the patch shows up -- Black Temple is next, we hear.
  • Sedition of Korialstrasz FINALLY got down Bloodboil last night. FINALLY. Like, oh my Gurtok that took a long time.
  • Lost Soldier of Darkness on Area 52-A has downed Kael'thas after taking a short break from Black Temple. Archi is notice for next time when they step back into progression. They're also seeking more especially Shadow Priests, Warlocks, and a Mage.
  • See this is the way to fight drama: Ascension of Blackwater Raiders-H was reported in this space a little while ago, apparently for "leaking members like a sieve", but they're back -- they dropped Kalecgos, and Brutallus is in their sights. Nice.
  • Slow Motion on Blackwater Raiders-A also downed Kalecgos for what they claim is an Alliance first. They're also pushing towards Brutallus, so apparently we got a race on. They also say that they've done it all without Soulja (apparently a not-so-liked personality on the server there). Good luck, guys!
  • Imminent Destruction went into BT the other week (they haven't downed Vashj and KT yet, unfortunately) and made waves - Najentus got dropped, and Supremus got finished off the next time. They're also looking for one or two Resto Druids to join them.
  • Cooldown on Darkspear finished off Brutallus, and here's the video to prove it.
  • Untouchable on Staghelm-H downed both Halazzi and Hex Lord Malacrass as guild firsts, and a full ZA clear is just around the corner. They're also recruiting new members on their website to fill out some gaps for Wrath progression.
  • Misery on Onyxia-H dropped Gorefiend after only being around for just two weeks. Kael and Lady Vashj are targeted for next time -- only one of them goes on notice, though, so we'll say Vashj.
  • Legend Guild from Tarren Mill is still making good progress (6/9 BT) even though WotLK is just around the block. They downed Reliquary of Souls and are aiming for Illidan before the expansion hits.
  • After (we hear) a few weeks of trying, Stand Alone on Bonechewer has downed Void Reaver. Grats!
  • Twilights Call of The Scryers-H has downed Nightbane for the first time, clearing out Karazhan. The first two bosses in ZA are downed too, and they even had a thank-you party to the guild where they ran naked level 1s from Durotar to Un'goro (where they got massacred by Blazerunner -- good times).
  • Reign of Honor of Whisperwind-H has downed Naj'entus, and after two nights of trying, Supremus! ROH wiped several times on the Big S, got him to 34%, an agonizing ONE PERCENT, then crushed him Sunday night.
  • Raven from the Dalaran realm just progressed to downing Halazzi for the first time. They're at 3/6 now -- Jan'alai is on notice for next time.
  • Blackrock Cabal of Windrunner got their first ZA bear the other night, and they didn't even have a Mage along. They're also 4/5 in Hyjal so far, and recruiting healers of all kinds.
  • Hero of Burning Blade finished off Brutallus -- they're also seeking more recruits, specifically Resto Shamans, Holy Paladins, Shadow Priests. Look them up in game if interested.
  • Ave the Guild moved to Magtheridon in late may and started grinding up to 70 -- they actually started raiding on the first of September, and just recently downed Illidari Council. Grats!
  • Back By Popular Demand (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) over on the Bloodhoof server has been trying to get a raiding group together for a while now, and have been able to clear not one but two teams through Karazhan, both of them running Karathons in just under four hours. Very nice -- ZA is up next, and Jan'alai is on notice there.
  • Genesis, a clan in the Spanish PvP server of Dun Modr, has dropped Gruul on the fourth try. Apparently Horde guilds there are going slow, so it's their task now to get progression running in 25 mans there.
  • Aurora on EU Lightbringer finally (and officially) got Void Reaver down last week. Al'ar is next.
  • Burning Dragoons of Nagrand-A have downed Gruul and Mags in successive weeks and is now putting the Loot Reaver on notice.
  • Karathress got downed by Blades of Light and the Ninth Alliance, both on the Alliance side of Sentinels. "Better late than never," they say, but you guys aren't late -- the expansion's not until next month!
  • Khadgar on Pheonix-A has now cleared all of the Pre-Sunwell BC content after downing Illidan. Grats!
  • Paragon on Stormscale cleared out Sunwell in just a week of raiding nights -- four bosses in one night, M'uru on the second, and 4 evenings on KJ to finish him off. Very impressive.
  • Illidan was whacked by Whackdonalds (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) of Aggramar.
  • After a few setbacks, Legion Unleashed of Runetotem has finally downed the Illidari Council. Grats!
  • Flinter Spaction on EU Hellfire have finished off Illidan after another long and arduous journey. Good for yall.
  • Saga on EU Steamwheedle Cartel-A dropped both Loot Reaver and Solarian on their first two nights in T5.
  • Electric Hellfire Club on EU Shadowsong defeated Illidan for the first time. Very nice.
  • Absolution on Suramar-A dropped Mother Shahraz this week, and put the Illidari Council on notice -- they started 25 man raiding just 100 days ago, and now they're already almost done with BT.
  • Mutiny on Khadgar has picked up two more bear mounts, finished off Kael'thas, and are now ranked 16th on the realm. They're recruiting, too, if you're interested.
  • Revamped on Lothar is seeking 70s in Kara and Badge gear to conquer Wrath when it comes out. They're looking for all classes and specs to build up a core group and make a run to the new endgame. They're family-oriented and raid on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Fugu are a newly-formed guild by a bunch of laid back yet resolute players on EU Hellfire. They're looking to build up 10 and 25 man teams, and they're accepting rerollers and non-70s looking to level up and join the endgame. Everyone but Mages, Rogues, and DPS Shamans are welcome -- they're full up on those.
  • While most guilds seem to be withdrawing into pre-Wrath hibernation, the Kingdom Knights on EU Draenor-A have been rolling -- from ZA to Kazzak and Gruul/Mag farming, they're keeping it up right until Wrath comes out. They're still seeking some players though -- Druids, a Holy Pally, Holy and Shadow Priests, a few good Fury Warriors and an Elemental and Resto Shammy. Look them up if you aren't ready to call it quits on BC content yet.
  • Forlorn Legacy is a new guild on EU Aszune -- it was just started by a nice guy with a few 70s, and he's looking for some more folks on the server to start raiding and running instances. Look him up if you're interested.
  • Havoc of Cairne-A is recruiting for their 3.0 and WotLK raid group. All classes are welcomed except Hunters (too many already), as long as they're experienced and ready to crush through content. They raid five nights a week -- they were featured on this site a while ago as a guild taking a break before the expansion, but it's game on now.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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