Panasonic cranks out its 300 millionth TV

Steven Kim
S. Kim|10.08.08

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Panasonic cranks out its 300 millionth TV
Panasonic -- over 300M servedWe've wondered why Matsushita Electric took such a long time to make the name switch to Panasonic, but this little factoid might explain some of the timing -- Panasonic just capped off its 300 millionth TV. Even though the company has always badged TVs with the "Panasonic" name plate in the US, 105 million units were cranked out under the "National" brand before "Panasonic" was used across all markets for the subsequent 195 million units. According to the press release, the company isn't slowing down, either -- it may have taken its sweet time (since 1961) to hit the 300 million mark, but the 400 million figure might come up in the next "few years." We figure that after the first 300 million, the company can pretty much produce TVs in its sleep.
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