Glenn Lurie now heading up AT&T Emerging Devices

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.15.08

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Glenn Lurie now heading up AT&T Emerging Devices
Glenn Lurie, formerly the president of National Distribution for AT&T Mobility and in tight with the launch of the iPhone, is sitting in a new corner office today, and the placard outside now reads "President of AT&T Emerging Devices, National Distribution and Resale." In the role, Mr. Lurie will lead the carrier's "strategic initiative to drive the innovation that will bring wireless connectivity to a host of new consumer electronics devices and applications." We're talking PCs, MIDs, UMPCs, cars, navigation systems -- you name it, this is your man for getting AT&T wrapped up in it. One of his first quotes in the new position was that "high-speed wireless broadband service can enhance a huge variety of gadgets," and while some may say that's obvious, we're just glad the man has his sights set in the right direction. More WWAN devices of any kind? Yes, please.
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