Toshiba Satellite NB100 netbook gets spotted, critiqued

Late last month, we found that Toshiba's Satellite NB100 netbook was making a beeline to the UK, and while a press shot is well, fine and good, there's just nothing like a little hands-on action to get you salivating. The crew over at TrustedReviews made it over to Zurich for Tosh's first ever Mobility Conference, and the star of the show wasn't one of those new Portégé machines or the Tecra R10; rather, it was the 2.29-pound NB100. Of note, the unit shown was a pre-production rig that shouldn't change much before it's loosed on the public, and contrary to earlier reports, it will boast three USB sockets to bring it in line with most of its closest competitors. Unfortunately, early impressions were that the keyboard was lacking, and the glare-filled display wasn't exactly smiled upon. Check the read link for additional shots and a few more blurbs.

[Thanks, Patrice]