EVE Online forum revamp may lead to disappearing threads

James Egan
J. Egan|10.23.08

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EVE Online forum revamp may lead to disappearing threads
The last week or so in EVE Online has seen the forums set ablaze with Ghostbusters references, but now it may be some threads which are disappearing. CCP Wrangler posted a note about this today on the EVE site, reminding us of a dev blog from August, Forums Refined, which had stated that some significant changes to the forums were on the way. Well, as anyone who's logged into the official EVE Online forums today found out, those changes have arrived.

While it'll take a little time to get used to the new layout and categorization of topics, there may be an issue with players not being able to find their old threads, some of which have been moved with the forum revamp. CCP Wrangler addressed the potential confusion this might cause, and had this to say: "If you had a thread that has disappeared due to these changes, for example if the forum no longer exists, please contact us by creating a petition in the Other Issues - Forums category. Please include a direct link to the thread in question if you have one, otherwise you have to include as much information about the thread as possible to help us find it. The name of the forum, the name of the thread and anything else you can remember would be very helpful."

Although the changes were outlined very clearly in the dev blog 'Forums Refined', it's worth noting the addition of the new "Warfare & Tactics" section, which is 'the home for PvP in EVE: Factional Warfare, 0.0 campaigns, low sec skirmishes and Empire wars'.
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