DSi rejects current homebrew flashcarts

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|10.31.08

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Alisha Karabinus
October 31st, 2008
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DSi rejects current homebrew flashcarts

Another reason to keep your current DS if you want a DSi: word is that ten homebrew slot-1 carts have been tested by a member of the Chinese gaming community Hacken.cc on the DSi, and all ten failed. Looks like DSi owners who want to dangle their toes in the homebrew community may be back to the more complicated solutions of old, at least for a while, and it will be some time before we even see FlashMe or other workarounds.

The following carts were tested:
  • R4DS
  • EZ Flash V
  • CycloDS
  • G6 DS Real
  • M3 DS Real
  • Supercard DS One
  • iTouch DS
  • FCard
  • NCard
  • M3 DS Simply
  • U2DS
The DSi's official release is tomorrow, so we're crossing our fingers and hoping that, as soon as the system is more widely available, we'll start to see people working toward opening up the new handheld. As for today, we're saddened, but not wholly surprised.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]
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