Meet WoW Insider at the Wrath midnight launch

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.04.08

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Meet WoW Insider at the Wrath midnight launch

Blizzard's holding official launches across the world, various retailers in all sorts of places are planning out midnight launches, and we here at WoW Insider are no different -- we'll be covering the release all across the world, and we're inviting you readers to come out and join us wherever we are.

We've got a full list of meetup locations after the break -- I'll be in Chicago, co-lead Dan O'Halloran will be at the Fry's in Anaheim covering the Blizzard event there (Chase Christian will be in Santa Barbara, also in CA), and Elizabeth Harper will be in Austin, where Blizzard devs will be meeting and greeting as well. We've also got reader meetups planned in North Carolina and Minnesota (where BBB will be passing out buttons), and our own Jennie Lees will be picking up Wrath in Edinburgh, Scotland. And if you're in Orlando, BRK and Mania from Petopia are holding their own event down there.

Stay tuned to this post for more updates (if we've missed anyone on the team, they'll add their information here), and feel free to organize your own meetups and events in the comments. The second expansion launches next week -- let's party!

Please note: for places that serve alcoholic beverages, you will need to be 21+ to attend, but all of the meetups will eventually move to retail spaces which are open to the public, so join us later in the evening if you can't come to the bar. Children under 10 should probably be accompanied by an adult. All times are for Wednesday the 12th of November going up to midnight/early morning on Thursday the 13th.

Please also note that if you haven't reserved the game yet, you may not be able to purchase it from these locations. We're not selling the game -- we're just going to pick our copies up and report on the launch, and we're inviting you to join us if you're in the area.
Chicago, IL
Who: Mike Schramm
What: Drinks (must be 21+ for bar, all ages to meet up at Gamestop)
Where: Duffy's Tavern, 420 1/2 W. Diversey, Chicago, IL, with a midnight launch at Gamestop, 2725 N. Clark Street.
When: 8pm Central for a drink at Duffy's, walking over to the midnight launch at 10:30pm.

Research Triangle, NC
Who: Eliah Hecht and Elizabeth Wachowski
What: Drinks and food (21+ for drinks, all ages at Gamestop)
Where: The Fox and the Hound, 4158 Main At North Hills St, Raleigh, NC, with a midnight launch at Gamestop, 4154 Main At North Hills St.
When: 9:30 pm Eastern for drinks, 11 pm for midnight launch.

Santa Barbara, CA
Who: Chase Christian
What: Drinks + Food (no alcohol)
Where: Barnes and Noble Café, Paseo Nuevo Mall, Santa Barbara, CA; with a midnight launch at Gamestop, across the walkway at Paseo Nuevo Mall.
When: 9:00 PM Pacific for drinks, will be in line all night.

Anaheim, CA
Who: Dan O'Halloran
What: Swag
Where: Fry's Electronics, 3370 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806; this is one of the locations where Blizzard devs/execs will be appearing
When: 9:00pm Pacific, will work the line

Orlando, FL
Who: Daniel "BigRedKitty" Howell and Mania from Petopia
What: Meetup
Where: Gamestop in Waterford Lakes, Orlando, more information here.
When: 10pm EDT.

Austin, TX
Who: Elizabeth Harper
What: Caffeinated beverages
Where: Barnes and Noble Cafe, with a midnight launch at GameStop next door, 10000 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78755 (Arboretum); Blizzard devs on-hand!
When: 9PM CST at B&N, will be in line all evening.

Glen Burnie, MD
Who: Michael Gray (look for me in the Utilikilt)
What: A drink at DuClaw's in Arundel Mills at 8:30, then off to GameStop at 9:30
Where: DuClaw's at Arundel Mills mall, with a launch line at GameStop in the same mall
When: DuClaw's at 8:30 (I'll actually be there at 8, look for me in the bar), with a walk to the GameStop at 9:30
Questions?: Email writegray AT gmail DOT com

Maplewood, MN
Who: John Patricelli (The Big Bear Butt)
What: Drinks/Wings (must be 21+ for bar, all ages to meet up at Gamestop)
Where: Buffalo Wild Wings, 3085 White Bear Ave N, Maplewood, MN, with a midnight launch at Gamestop, 1900 County Road D East, both locations just to the North of the Maplewood Mall.
When: 9:30 PM Central for a drink, walking over to the midnight Gamestop launch at 10:30pm. First 20 visitors will get a spiffy button.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Who: Jennie Lees
What: Queueing and muttering -- bring your own coffee. We'll take over Guitar Hero if they let us.
Where: Gamestation, Princes Street (look for the Joystiq shirt)
When: 10.30pm GMT onwards

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