Richard|Solo 1800: More of everything!

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Richard|Solo 1800: More of everything!

We reported on the Richard|Solo Smart Backup Battery for iPhone a few months ago. Now Richard|Solo has released a much improved version of the Backup Battery that not only provides more power for your iPhone or iPod, but some excellent new features that trash the competition.

The Richard|Solo 1800 has 50% more capacity than the original versions, which had 1200 mAh of power. The new model has an 1800 mAh capacity, and is latched firmly onto the iPhone using a specially designed mechanism. There's an optional plastic support brace that reduces the lateral force on the battery connector; wonderful if you want to use the iPhone while charging it with the 1800.

Richard|Solo provides a dual-port USB car charger in addition to the AC wall charger, which still features a retractable cord for tangle-free storage in your computer bag or purse. The coolest new features are two built-in lights; a white LED flashlight and a red laser pointer.

The Richard|Solo 1800 retails for $69.95. If you own an iPhone or recent iPod, this is the backup battery to buy! It's well designed, feature packed, and reasonably priced. Now I need to get one for my wife!

What do you use for backup iPhone power? Leave a comment!

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