WoW Insider Show going live on Ustream this afternoon

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.22.08

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WoW Insider Show going live on Ustream this afternoon

Our podcast hits the virtual airwaves again this afternoon, and it's going to be a good one -- Matthew Rossi, our tanking titan, will be on the show, as will Daniel Whitcomb, one of our bloggers and author of the new Lichbourne Death Knight column. We'll talk about Wrath, of course -- where we're leveling and how things are going so far, and how Death Knights are integrating into the game, both as tanks and DPS. And we'll talk about Wrath's difficulty and whether it's too easy or not, the new commercials, and the fact that Blizzard made lots and lots of money last week.

And as usual we'll answer your emails (you can email us at theshow AT wowinsider dot com), and we'll have an aftershow after the show where you can chat directly with Rossi and Whitcomb. Should be a great time -- it starts up in just about two hours from now on our Ustream page, or you can jump onto the stream embedded right after the break. See you there!

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