Burger King offering free Wii toys in exchange for money, good health

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|12.05.08

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Burger King offering free Wii toys in exchange for money, good health

It's that time again, everybody: time to sheepishly visit Burger King every day and buy a Kids' Meal for Nintendo freebies, all while trying to shut out thoughts of how disappointed your father would be to see you like this. Shame, shame.

The fast food chain is giving away a bunch of different toys based on the Wii and its games, and all it wants in return is cash and a willingness to clog up your own arteries. We like the "Chain Chomp Launcher" the best, though the "Float and Go Boo" and "Light-Up Luma" are also nice. Plus, we can always keep telling ourselves we'll sell all this on eBay in the future for a small fortune. Yes, that'll do: it's an investment in our future. Pictures and details of all ten follow the break.

  • Chain Chomp Launcher: Launch Chain Chomp forward to knock down Wario and Bowser!
  • Flip and Stick Donkey Kong: Make Donkey Kong flip through the air to reach his target!
  • Light-Up Luma: Plug the Wii Remote toy into Luma, then press a button and he'll light up!
  • Metroid Challenge: Use the magnetic Wii Remote toy to propel the ball through the maze!
  • Mario to the Rescue: Use the magnetic Wii Remote toy to avoid the blocks and get Mario to the top!
  • Whirl 'n Twirl Princess Peach: Wind up the princess and watch her whirl and twirl!
  • Mario Kart Yoshi: Send Yoshi off in any direction you please!
  • Rumbling Tumbling Diddy Kong: Wind up Diddy Kong by the arms, then send him into a tumbling frenzy!
  • Float and Go Boo: Point the Wii Remote toy at Boo's back and watch him float forward!
  • Galaxy Blast Mario: Load the Mario toy into the Wii Remote propeller and blast off!
[Via OMG Nintendo]
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