ASUS rolls out four new VH-series 16:9 LCD monitors

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It's sometimes easy to forget that ASUS actually makes a whole host of non-Eee branded products, but the company has reminded us of is roots today with four new VH-series LCD monitors, each of which boast the desirable-to-some 16:9 aspect ratio. Those include the 18.5-inch VH192 model, the 21.5-inch VH222 and VH226 models, and the 23.6-inch VH242, the first of which packs a 1366x768 resolution while the latter three all offer full 1080p. All four also boast ASUS' "Smart Contrast Ratio" technology to deliver numbers from 10,000:1 to 20,000:1, and all but the low-end VH192 include an HDMI port, along with built-in speakers and, of course, the usual VGA and DVI ports. The VH226 also distinguishes itself a bit further with a slightly better 2ms response rate and a glossy finish. No word on a price or release date for any of 'em just yet, but we'd expect to start seeing them show up any day now.
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