Rumor: PSP-4000 in 2009, PSP2 in the works

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Alexander Sliwinski
December 16th, 2008
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Rumor: PSP-4000 in 2009, PSP2 in the works

Eurogamer reports that "publishing sources" indicate that Sony is planning to release the PSP-4000 in late '09 and will eventually launch a PSP2. This news is sure to come as a big shock to Sony Europe president David Reeves, who stated last week that there were "currently no plans for a PSP2." Eurogamer sources divulge that titles are currently in development for the unannounced handheld.

Obviously, we hope the PSP-4000 fixes the current iteration's interlacing issues. Sony UK informed Eurogamer that it would not comment on the story, due to the classic tag team of "rumour" and "speculation."
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