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Mystery ThinkPad keyboard pops up on Lenovo's Flickr page

Mystery ThinkPad keyboard pops up on Lenovo's Flickr page
Jacob Schulman
Jacob Schulman|December 17, 2008 9:43 PM

While we may not know exactly what item we're looking at in the photo above, we do know that we like it. This hot peripheral showed up on Lenovo's photostream without any explanation, and from the image it seems pretty much like a keyboard-lover's dream; it looks to be wireless, psychotically thin, and boasts an integrated trackpad and numpad. If you've been itching to find a stylish companion to that ThinkPad USB Portable Secure HD, this may just be the keyboard for you. As expected, no info on pricing or availability, but we'll definitely keep our eyes out for more as it becomes available.

Update: Damn, it looks like this is just a super-hot pic of a new rev of Lenovo's already-released wired UltraNav keyboard -- as our astute commenters have pointed out, it's probably on Flickr because it was posted on Lenovo's Design Matters blog today. That's not to say we wouldn't take a wireless version of this bad boy in a heartbeat -- feel free to rock us, Lenovo.