LG's sunlight illuminated LCDs work both indoors and out

Ross Miller
R. Miller|12.22.08

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LG's sunlight illuminated LCDs work both indoors and out
We know what you're trying to do, LG. You want to see us venture outside more, and watch our pale skin burn in the ominous glare of that Big Bright Thing in the Sky. The company is bringing to CES the sunlight illuminated TFT-LCD, a 14.1-inch laptop display with the aptly-titled "Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology" that lets you switch from reflective mode for high-luminance (read: sunny) situations to transmissive mode for low-light and indoor settings. When in reflective mode, the display boasts a 75 percent reduction in power consumption and a 9:1 contrast ratio -- that's still really low, even if it is an improvement over other reflective screens. It sounds like a big version Epson's 3.5-inch a-TFT, both of which have the advantage of a backlight over Funai's recently-announced Dynamic ECDs, meaning it should be a perfect solution for those looking to liveblog their dog's shenanigans both at the park and at home.

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