ESRB lists Guitar Hero: Modern Hits for DS

Ross Miller
R. Miller|12.29.08

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ESRB lists Guitar Hero: Modern Hits for DS
Everyone, please, raise an eyebrow and pretend to be surprised. We first heard about Guitar Hero Modern Hits when Activision Blizzard trademarked it in October, but we didn't have any more details. Now, GHMH has resurfaced, this time on the ESRB's website with an E10+ rating for the Nintendo DS.

Based on lyrics referenced in the listing's description, we know three songs from the game: Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer," Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" and Sum 41's "Still Waiting." Given the DSi's launch next year, this will likely be the last GH DS title before Activision Blizzard needs to figure out a new peripheral to release.

[Via 1UP]
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