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'Amazing, exciting, fantastic and training body reaction'


This '8 in 1' set of Wiimote attachments from the beloved Dragon Electronics has so many weapons. There's an axe, a pistol, a scimitar, a sword, two daggers, and even a shield. Wait, that's seven things (and the shield isn't really a weapon, so it doesn't fit in our classification system.) Apparently, the gun comes in two pieces, each comprising one of the "8 in 1." They couldn't call it "7 in 1?" Dragon's ability to sell useless remote adornments is that contingent on there being eight of them in the package? We'd think the awesome rusty finish on the swords, shield, and axe would be enough of a draw.

In addition to the quote used in the title, the box declares its contents " Physical exercise ideal Wii accessories product and good for health," while assuring prospective buyers that there is "no hazaro." If it's both ideal and free from hazaro, we see no reason not to buy this!

We were going to make a joke about playing Golden Axe with the axe attachment, but we remembered that the Wiimote is terrible for the Genesis games with which it is functional, meaning that in all likelihood you'd have the axe sitting on your lap as you played. And that would be ridiculous.

[Update: corrected the bit about Wiimote incompatibility.]
[Via Aeropause]

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