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Best of the best: Sunday's retail ads

Chris Powell

If you're like us and got some much-needed time off during the holidays, you were probably able to catch up on a lot of gaming. And now that you've played all your games and have all those gift cards from Christmas, what is a gamer to do? Well, thanks to CheapyD and speedy1961 at Cheapass Gamer, you'll be able to restock your backlog of games as they've compiled the best deals from this past Sunday's ads.

Best Buy
Circuit City
This is pretty much the cheapest we've seen several of these games, and we're still surprised at how well Resistance has been able to keep its market value despite it being a launch title. Keep in mind, these deals are good for online and in-store, but you'll have to pay for shipping, which can ruin the good deal.

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