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Fired for a screenshot

Mike Schramm

Reader Marc sent us this story of why he got fired-- just by reading it you can tell that there were probably other things going on the workplace, and the good news is that he sounds like he's better off looking for another job, but basically there was a misunderstanding at work, and as a result he was sent home for a half day. And to show his (sarcastic) thanks, he emailed back the screenshot above of his Tauren hanging around a node in AB, complete with MS Paint-ed gratitude to his co-workers and boss.

Of course, as you might expect, the next time he showed up at work, they asked him to pack his things and go (apparently, even though one of his managers was impressed with his HP, they considered the screenshot sending the last nail in the coffin).

We can't exactly advise anyone to quit their job to play WoW, but in this case, Marc sounds like he was on his way out the door anyway. Here's hoping you land on your feet and find a job where they appreciate you, bud.

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