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New Year's resolutions: Mac style

Cory Bohon

Now that it's 2008, time to write down those New Year's resolutions; and why not use your Mac to make sure you stick to them this year! Here's a list of apps that will help you manage your resolutions, and hopefully keep them too:

  1. Anxiety (donationware; get organized with to-do management)
  2. Cha-Ching ($40, demo available; personal money manager)
  3. Wallet ($14.95, demo available; keep those secrets, well, secret)
  4. Writeroom ($24.95, demo available; get more writing done with less distractions)
  5. Weight Tracker (freeware; keep track of your weight loss)
  6. Pzizz ($29.95, demo available; allows you to get better sleep or "energize" you during the day)
  7. Awaken ($12.95, demo available; you'll never be late for work again with this clock)
  8. YummySoup! (shareware, $20; store recipes and share them, so you can start eating better)
  9. Gyminee (iPhone web app; keep track of exercises, watch exercise videos, and keep up with calories)
  10. No Smoking (freeware, Dashboard widget; keep track of how many days you've been without smoking)
Be sure to tell us your favorite resolution-keeping Mac apps in the comments. Here's to 2008!

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