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Answer all your Macworld questions with Macworld Bound

Nik Fletcher

For an Apple blogger, I've a little admission to make: this year is going to be the first time I'll have made the 10,716 mile round-trip to Macworld Expo San Francisco. Whilst I've been to San Francisco before, I'm in the dark when it comes to the insider-knowledge required to survive the week-long Mac-athon (and of course, who's having the parties). If you too are heading to MWSF for the first time and wanting to read-up on what to expect, then you might want to check out Macworld Bound -- a site dedicated to everything you might possibly want to know about the Expo.

As we mentioned briefly in our year-end talkcast on Sunday, TUAW will of course be bringing you full Macworld coverage from San Francisco. Stay tuned for more details!

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