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Garmin's Colorado line inches closer to official

Darren Murph

Just a day after uncovering what appears to be Garmin's CES 2008 lineup, we've now got reason to believe that the Colorado series is all but official. After first seeing the unit rumored last month, quickly "confirmed" and clarified yet again within the past 24 hours, we're now hearing that the series will boast four different models and will undoubtedly cater to the outdoorsy set. Reportedly, the Colorado will be offered up in four flavors: the 300, 400t, 400i and 400c. The whole lot will tout the firm's new "Rock 'n Roller" input wheel, an SD expansion slot, wireless sharing of waypoints, routes and geocaches, a 400 x 240 resolution display and a battery life of around 15 hours. Word on the street has 'em landing this month and next, and while the 300 is set to launch at $499.99, each of the 400 variants will demand $599.99. Hit the read link for the full spill, and be on the lookout for Garmin to fess up soon enough.

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