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Konami taking arcade shooter Target: Terror home to Wii

We know what you're going to say: "But Joystiq, when Sega makes a crappy light-gun Wii port, you tease them about it. Why does Konami catch a break?" We're glad you asked and there's actually two reasons: First, because of the struggling, out-of-work FMV actors who can barely scrape together enough coin to buy the cheap, off-brand whiskey; and second, for the sweet, glorious return of bad guys with sunglasses (and, optionally, ski masks). Both of these remnants of gaming's glory days were seemingly lost, until resuscitated in Eugene Jarvis' recent arcade hit (well, insomuch as we have arcade "hits" nowadays), Target: Terror.

Konami is bringing all the freedom-loving fun home to Wii in Q1 of this year, with "support" for Nintendo's Wii Zapper peripheral (read: the Wiimote still fits in the plastic casing) along with a handful of unlockable mini-games (see: flaming killer golf cart attack mode below). Just remember, each and every copy of Target: Terror you buy helps put food on the table of an FMV thespian and isn't that worth whatever budget price they attach to this thing? We both know the answer to that one.

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