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Shogo: the WiFi-enabled touchscreen digiframe

Darren Murph

These days, you can't just whip up another me-too WiFi-enabled digital photo frame and expect consumers to swoon. Oh no, you've got add a dash of innovation to grab those hard-earned dollars. Thankfully, it seems that Shogo has received the memo, as its duo of 8-inch frames is apparently the first to be WiFi-enabled and rock a touchscreen. The SG 080 sports 1GB of internal storage while the SG 081a holds just 512MB, but both models share an 800 x 600 resolution panel, a multicard reader and a built-in rechargeable battery. Additionally, ShogoLive users can add photos from popular online image portals (think Flickr, Picasa, etc.) as well as connect to internet radio stations and scroll through RSS feeds. Regrettably, there's no mention of an actual price, but according to the firm's website, these should start showing up at "major consumer electronics retailers" real soon.

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