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iLuv announces a slew of new iPod accessories, including the i399

Nilay Patel

iLuv's trying to beat the coming rush of iPod accessories that's set to drop at CES by releasing its product info early, and we can't blame them -- but these blurry prerelease photos of the i1255 DVD player / iPod dock (bottom) and the i399 BluePin II A2DP iPod speaker system aren't helping the cause. The $129 i1255 features what's sure to be resoundingly average DVD playback and menu-based onscreen iPod controls, but it's the Bluetooth-enabled i399 that's at least passably interesting here, with A2DP streaming and receiving capabilities, rhythm-sensitive blue LEDs, and speakerphone capabilities. Of course, our passing interest ends at the $229 pricetag, but maybe we'll find it re-piqued when we check this stuff in person next week.

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